Official Frog Slut Army Mart Frequently Asked and Anticipated Questions

Where does your merchandise ship from?

All items are shipped directly to you from the printer, which has plants around the United States, Europe, and Asia. The plant will vary based on your shipping address, and some items may ship separately instead of the same package.

Please confirm that your shipping address is correct before placing your order to avoid missing packages, reshipment, and other inconveniences!

How soon will my order ship?

Most items are shipped 2-5 business days after placing your order! You will automatically get a notice with a tracking number once your order ships.

I'm outside the US, will you ship to my country? 

We're happy to make the Frog Slut Army an international movement and welcome orders outside the US. The lovely sluts at our printer will ship to most places around the world!

We also unfortunately have no control over international shipping rates, and whether you are charged duty. If you have questions about duty, please contact your local post office.

Do you accept returns?

If anything is misprinted, defective, or damaged, please let us know within 30 days of the purchase date so you can get a refund or replacement. Size charts are provided with items that have sizes, like T-shirts, so you can hopefully get the size right on the first try but we may be able to do an exchange depending on fit.

Otherwise, returns are not accepted for buyers' remorse.


What's the difference between a frog and a toad?

Technically, a toad is a TYPE of frog but not all frogs are toads. "True toads" must belong to the bufonidae family, but both frogs and toads are in the anuran order which means "tailless". Toads have drier and bumpier skin than frogs, shorter legs suitable for hopping while frogs have longer legs to leap, and toads spend more time on land and frogs more in water.


Isn't "slut" derogatory?

It is a term being reclaimed with pride.